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valentines day

Amy CooperComment
valentines day

WEARING: ASOS DRESS AND BELT (similar) | UO TIGHTS | MATISSE BOOTIES (omg they're back in stock!)

Happy Valentine's Day! I knew I wanted to shoot this look, and of course on the day of the shoot it was raining...all day long. I had an idea to do a cozy shoot in my room (aka my favorite place ever) but it wasn't working out, so Michael and I decided to head outside anyways. I actually am really happy with how these photos came out, and my umbrella totally made for a cute prop! Looking at the images after, I realized there are certainly things I could have done different, but I'm glad I tried something new and in the process learned things that I can implement for next time (like maybe changing the expression of my face once in a while??) Granted, it was rainy and gross and that added a foggy layer over our focus, but I still think we did pretty good. I'm so thankful for Mike always being down to help me <3

Anyways, I'm suuuper in love with this dress, the ruffles are what sealed the deal for me. They feel so fun and romantic. I wanted to add an edgier element to the look so I added some hardware with this fun belt, and some more character with the polka dot tights. 

Up until I moved to the city, I used to live in dresses. Just in the past few years, I started wearing jeans/ separates more for a few reasons: I became more comfortable with my body type, subway breezes and dresses don't mix well, and I realized I was limiting myself with how much I can express through style. I think my taste is ever changing, and living in the city, I pull inspiration from so many places that I feel like it's impossible for my style to stop evolving.

Anyways, I hope I've provided some inspiration for your date night, and if not, I still wish you love and light for Valentine's Day! <3