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autumn tones

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autumn tones

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This sweater is 100% as just as cozy as it looks. I scored it along with this top at Anthro on Black Friday, 30% off! The second I tried this cardigan on I was like, "Yup. I need it." I have a feeling I'll be living in it this winter. I wish I got more photos of this top on its own because it's super different and I love the sleeves, but I was freezing *shrug emoji*.'s about that time in the blog post where I'm all like "OMG you guys, these boots!" But in all seriousness, OMG you guys, these boots! Matisse just gets me. It's not often I'm in a brown bootie but these babies are about to change that. I think this look is pretty different for me overall in terms of color, but I'm into it. It's fun to try new things (like not wearing any black, #identitycrisis)

I'm currently wishing I could go back to this day, it was the most perfect Saturday ever, and today actually sucks. Can I be real with you guys for a second? Yes? Great. I'm in the final stages of my senior capstone and almost done with school, yay! Today I had to be in class to present at 8am; I had this amazing presentation planned and I was so excited to tell my classmates about my time at Cosmo. But, for some reason, I couldn't sleep for the life of me last night, I probably got about 2 hours total. I'm thinking it was just because all of the stress that's coming with my senior semester, but whatever it is, it sucked falling asleep finally only 20 minutes before my alarm went off. I woke up feeling terrible and super queasy. Cool, yeah, you guy's probably don't care. But here's where the story gets good (or bad, if you're me). I got ready in under 20 minutes, barely put together and feeling shitty about it since I was up first to present in class. I ran out of the house in a daze, exhausted, stressed, anxious, and generally pissed at how my day was going. I swiped my metro card and turned to walk down the stairs to catch the train when I saw it - tons of people waiting on the platform, the crowd was overflowing half way up the stairs. This only means two things: train delays and extremely packed trains. I waited and finally made it onto the second train that came through. There I was, sandwiched between dozens of other commuters. I was practically eating a strangers hair, someone was using my body as a wall to hold themselves steady, and someone else was basically 3 inches from the side of my face and I could smell what they ate for breakfast on their breath (all completely normal things for NYC rush hour, doesn't is sound like a delight?!). BUT, my friend who's hair I was eating for breakfast also had a huge bag that was pressing so hard into my stomach, making me feel so much worse. I tried to close my eyes and breathe, but 3 stops in, I was 100% sure that I was about to throw up. I was standing on the opposite side of the train car that the doors were opening on, so when the train made the next stop I became that rude obnoxious person pushing through people without excusing myself to get out. I honestly thought I was going to throw up on someone, but thankfully made it out and to a garbage can in the station. It was a pretty picture; me at 7:30 am hugging a disgusting subway station garbage can and throwing up last nights dinner, trying to keep my beloved vintage DVF top clean. Yum! Anyways, now that ya'll are picturing me at my worst, let's move on to the bright side.

One week from now I'll be 100% done with college and then Michael and I are off to spend the weekend in a tiny house in the Catskills. Sometime's life gets you down, and there are tons of days that I never think I'll get through, but the fun part is seeing that I can get through shitty days and make it out on the other side a stronger person. 

I hope you all are having a better day than me, and please feel free to share gross stories about yourselves in the comments below to make me feel better.