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I wish that I could somehow let you guys feel how perfectly this hat fits my head. After months of not hopping on the felt panama hat band wagon, I found my perfect match. My great friend Cadah reigns her own empire with her vintage shop,

Poor George Vintage

. She has such an eye for vintage pieces and is crazy good at styling them as well! She has something for everyone in her shop and if you're reading this, you need to check it out, like, now. Her success is so inspiring and I'm so happy I was able to buy one of her pieces and support her shop! You can find her on


and also


to get all of her latest events and new listings. Friends supporting friends is what it's all about.

I knew once I found this hat that I would mix it with a feminine vibe. I love trying new things and finding ways that I can let it be a compliment to my personal style. I think we all know by now that floral is pretty prevalent in my wardrobe so I knew this dress would be the perfect thing to keep me feeling true to myself.

Okay, I want to jump off the topic of fashion for a bit. First, while Michael and I were out shooting here (a local state park), we saw so much trash. All I have to say about that is this; stop littering. This planet is our home, take care of it!

Secondly, I feel like now more than any other time in my life, I am surrounded by the concept of body image, good and bad. My twitter feed is clogged with things about beach bodies and also some inspiring things, like this article from


about girls of all types looking babely in swimsuits. Over the weekend I had the pleasure of meeting a super sweet girl (Hi Brit!) who told me that she feels that I'm one of few style bloggers she follows that has a similar body type as her and that she can look at my posts and think "Hey, I can wear that!" Things like this mean the world to me. I wish that girls can see that fashion is here to work with us, not against! It's here to offer dozens of cuts and styles so that we can all find one that flatters us and makes us feel great. Just because you might be one size or shape doesn't mean that all things are off limits, or hell, that


is off limits. We're all babes.

On another note, I'm less than 2 weeks away from being done with school, which means more time to dedicate to blogging and photo shoots. I can't wait to have more time to focus on what I truly love doing. For all you Bloomers in college that are nearly cracking under the pressure of finals week,

I. Feel. You.

We're almost in the clear! <3