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Amy CooperComment

For anyone new here, hi, I'm Amy, and I live in Brooklyn with my best friend and my boyfriend. It's really the greatest situation! However, living in the city is tough and it means making small spaces work in your favor. For a while, our living room was kind of an afterthought leaving us to retreat to our bedrooms as the only place to relax and hang out. It's a small space, a slightly awkward shape, and it just took some time for us to be able to afford and set aside the time to make it what it is now (which is still a WIP). 

It's not perfection; it's real, it's lived in, and it's ours. We have wires exposed, a weird shelf that's kind of just a catch all, wifi wires coming out of the middle of the wall, and things hanging that are uncentered due to moving around furniture more than once. In a world of pinterest perfect homes, it's easy to look at your space and think that it isn't good enough. The truth is that having an aesthetically pleasing space takes energy, time, and money - all of which I/we don't have tons of because well, that's just life. While it's nice to have a place that looks styled and put together, the purpose of that goes deeper than just appearance. Michael, Sarah and I are all people who look to our home as a place to rest, recharge, become rejuvinated, and feel safe and comforted. As a result, it's only natural to want our space to reflect those needs and have it be a place of peace and protection. For me, the way my home looks and feels falls directly within that vibrational energy, and totally affects how I feel while I'm in it, and I think it's that way for all, whether it's realized or not. 

Anyways, this is our living room as of now! As I mentioned, it is a tight space, so much that it was difficult to get photos that made sense. For a while we didn't know where to put what or how to work with the small room, especially since you have to walk through it to get to Sarah's room. We went through a few different transitions of things in different spots, some realizations that having just a couch wasn't enough, and now, here we are. 


When you walk into our place, this is how you'd see it if you looked left, through the kitchen.


We have this cute mixed wood console table from target, and some added texture with a fur rug. It gives it just the right amount of cozy! It has 2 drawers that we use to store candles, books, tools and a few games. Beneath that we have a wire basket to hold our blankets. 


Our rug was a gift from Michael's aunt - and it's a beauty. The authentic pattern is to die for, and it's 100% woven wool which means it ages well and can hold up in durability. Having an area rug completely warms up the space which otherwise would be a faux wooden floor. 

The coffee table is actually meant to be a nightstand, but the week after I bought it for our room, we found the perfect vintage one, so I repurposed this one as a coffee table. It works perfectly because its small and doesn't take over this space, but still provides function. 


Speaking of creating a calm, happy, space, after reading this book on hygge, we realized that we've been living that lifestyle all along, just without knowing it had a name. The science and studies behind it are fascinating and the details of decor and textiles used in your home are an integrated part of it. I highly recommend researching the topic. 

Hygge: A quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being (regarded as a defining characteristic of Danish culture)

This chair and round jute rug are both from Amazon! The chair is what really helped bring the room together and make it feel cozy. It's the perfect place to drink morning coffee and read a book before you start or end each day. Also, no, you can never have too many layered rugs. 


For my whole life, I always liked to be home on the weekends, and it wasn't uncommon for me to retreat without going out much for days at a time (thankfully I have best friends who are the same and will gladly hunker down for a weekend of movies at home, which has happened countless times since we were younger.) I used to think that this was a flaw, that I was wrong for wanting to stay in and watch movies while others were out and about all weekend, not spending much time at home at all. It wasn't until the past couple of years that I understood this habit, and that my way of recharging and restoring my mood, mind, and health is by myself, with Michael, or a few close friends, at home. This has been especially true since moving to the city. My days consist of public transportation with hundreds of other people, working in an open office with others, and always being around an overwhelming amount of different energies coming from all different directions. For some, it's easy, but for an empathetic person like me, it's a lot - and I'm at a place where I can finally let go of feeling guilty or "too sensitive," and accept how I feel about this, unapologetically. Now, instead of feeling badly about skipping out on dinner or drinks, I feel proud and productive knowing that I'm doing what's best for me.

Here's another glimpse into our living room, both the pretty and not so pretty parts. Enjoy! 

I'd love to hear if anyone else has similar feelings to the one's I've expressed in this post! Leave me a comment here or on my IG post and let's support each other.