Amy Cooper


Amy Cooper

I'll be the first to admit that I can be extremely lazy. Breakfast usually happens for me anywhere between 11am and 2pm. Most days, I am perfectly content with staying within the walls of my crisp Queens apartment, watching hundreds of people go by on the M train from my living room window that are actually doing something with their days. Somehow, it doesn't bother me. I'm happy with compulsively lysol-ing my glass top dresser and sipping coffee by the hour. The New York City heat doesn't help either. I almost feel as if I'm better off than those living their days in sweat drenched clothes waiting for the subway or walking to work. I am happy with being home doing nothing but redecorating my living room for hours on end, without ever feeling the sun on my skin or smelling the outside air. 

This is just one version of me, though.

The other me wants to wake up at 7am (which rarely happens...okay it actually never happens) and plan blog posts and projects. The other me has never ending ideas and creations flowing through my head and is always bugging my boyfriend to help me with a photoshoot, or to join me in being one of those sweaty people packed on the subway just to explore a new part of our city. The other me is motivated, inspired, and will go any length to achieve whatever is it that I may dream up. The other me is only present on some days. The other me is not who I am every day, and that's okay.

I want to work for myself. Past and recent experiences have only been confirmation of that for me. Even brands and companies worth millions of dollars seem to publish work that isn't up to my standards. I constantly read material from these companies only to see typos, poor grammar, and blurry photos, which I immediately send to Tori so we can wonder how people less capable than us hold these jobs. While this may sound pretentious, it is just a reflection of my diligent work ethic and drive to produce things of quality, which is something I will never be ashamed of.

I scroll through my social media feeds like they're the morning newspaper just as often as the next person (like...everyday). I do it for entertainment, I do it to get news, and I do it to get inspired. It reminds me that every minute that I'm not taking steps to achieve what I want, someone else is hustling to make their dreams come true. What's more inspiring than that? So many of us may look at others who are even remotely in the same field as us and think that their photos are better than ours, that people like them more than us, that they have more followers, or get more likes than us. Comparing ourselves to other is almost, sadly, a second nature. Instead, I choose to look at other people and their work to inspire me.

I know that other's find themselves in ruts as well. I decided to put a list of the brands and creatives that inspire me most, in no order, to try and spread a little motivation and inspiration to all of you. Lazy Amy be gone.....except for maybe on Sundays.




This is an account that I look forward to seeing new posts from daily. Served with a side of motivating narratives that usually send me running for the door with my camera, Matt of Atticus Radley's photos are completely breathtaking. Whether it's travel, lifestyle, or POV photography, his work and outlook on creating always lights a fire under me. You definitely should have been following him like...yesterday. Click the instagram and blog links above to do so.




Emily Jenny of Stiletto Beats always knows how to brighten up my days and my IG feed. Her photos are always perfectly edited and her flat lays always leave me entranced in the perfection that they are. As a fellow blogger, I really connect with her and am grateful for her always being so open about her creative ruts and just her career in general. It's very refreshing and inspiring to read a blog that is so honest and also of such great quality.



Photos by Nicole Alyse

Master of color palettes, I always get aesthetically inspired by Nicole Alyse. I have been following her for quite a few years, and it has been very driving to watch her grow and live her life as a total girl boss. She also has her own vintage shop that is perfectly curated with some of the most coveted vintage items. 



Photos by Sebastiano Arpaia

No brand combines fashion, lifestyle, nature, and art + photography better than FYS. Their team's never ending hard work is made apparent by their quickly growing success. Collaborating with other artists to design limited edition apparel and accessories, I am always inspired by their drive to continuously create and to always be improving. When I get frustrated or defeated by my lack of motivation, I'm always reminded by this brand to enjoy the process and to keep moving forward. Check out their coffee brand here as well!



Photos by Annalise Chiarelli 

You guys know Annalise! Her perfectly styled baking photos and folky, dreamy, lifestyle shots always brighten my day. Through seeing her work I am reminded to always stay humble and find peace in doing what I love. I am so lucky to be able to have this girl as one of my best friends! Our dinner dates never fail to leave me feeling hopeful, positive and inspired. 



Photos by Chelsea Kyle

I haven't been following Chelsea for very long, but I know I'll never stop. As a visual person, I love seeing the food that keeps us alive come to life through photographs. A food photographer for Epicurious, (um....job goals?) her work is always a reminder for me to try something new and to never forget to play with color.



Photos by Noelle Downing

The color red and gingham have never looked as good as they do on Noelle. I'm so smitten with her kitschy style and her effortless way of always pairing the perfect glasses with her looks. I feel like I can really relate to her days spent at home and appreciation for her boyfriend and adorable little bunny. She always seems to take time for herself which is something I always need a reminder to do, and always admire. 



I hope that some of you will take the time to check these awesome people out and find inspiration in their work as well. I truly believe that without the support from one another, none of us can fully flourish.

*EDIT* about motivation. I got through 90% of this post which took me about 4 hours (linking pages, saving + sourcing photos, writing) and then my Google Chrome decided to quit and I lost the entire thing. I have been wanting to do this post for quite some time, so I pressed on and redid it spending another 2 hours on it. Now, I just really need a cocktail. *runs to local bar*