Amy Cooper


Amy Cooper

While I do really enjoy jewelry and accessories, they aren't something I necessarily go shopping for. So, I was excited when Rocksbox recruited me to be an "It Girl" and try out some of the pieces they have to offer! For $19 a month, you can receive a box of designer jewelry chosen by a stylist based off of your wish-list that you create on the site. When you get it, you can wear it until you're ready to send it back and refresh your box. Lucky for you guys, though, if you use my code amybotzxoxo at check out, you can get a box for one month, totally free! Click here!

Let's get started. Here's what was in my box:

Soko Smooth Plate Collar:

I wasn't sure about this necklace when I first saw it, but after trying it on and seeing how nicely it lays, I was into it. I also tried it styled underneath a collar for a pop of texture and it was awesome as expected. 

Kendra Scott Carla Earrings:

Okay, I was shocked when I realized that these were my favorite thing in my Rocksbox. I think it may be the combination of the bright color against my hair and skin, and also the fact that the gold matches my nose ring perfectly. I found that they brightened up my face a bit, too. The thing I like best about these earrings, though, is that they're beautifully structured and of high quality. 

Margaret Elizabeth Ten Stone Bangle:

I'm not really a bracelet girl, and this didn't really change that for me. I find bangles to be a little bit of an inconvenience and I don't like how they sit (or don't sit) on my wrist. However, the stones against the gold are really pretty and the bracelet itself is appealing.

Overall, I was really excited about my Rocksbox. I like that you can actually choose items that you want instead of someone blindly sending you items. It creates a really personable relationship and ensures you'll get stuff you actually want to try. 

Another thing I liked was the packaging. I'm a sucker for simple things and bows, so the little box it came in made me happy. Inside, everything is packaged under a cute tissue paper, and each piece comes safely wrapped in a bag or box. They also give you a little insert with your name on it and the names and brands of all the jewelry you received. 

The return packaging and label are both included, which makes for an easy process to send them back. If you really like something, you can keep it and purchase it at a huge discount which is really nice. I like the luxury of being able to get new stuff when you're done with what you have. I mean....who doesn't want to get new stuff once a month? 


Head over to Rocksbox and check it out, and use my code above to get one month free!